S2 ANFD video image1S2 Engineering (S2) provide a full turnkey sevice for Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryers (ANFD's) from design and manufacture to assembly, installation and commissioning.

Our ANFD's are innovatively designed and engineered to help improve plant operational processes efficiency. We can also provide ANFD's with barrier isolator (Glove box) technology for contained discharge and/or charging operations. See our Group Isolator company here and/or see the red tab option below.

We are experienced in process media filtration and drying performance and provide equipment with high levels of safety and quality that meets all appropriate industry regulations.

Our ANFD's feature a differential mixing agitator and paddle that moves vertically for a thorough mix performance. The filter drier agitator consists of a series of sharp curved blades that achieves mixing penetration into difficult cakes without undue product stress. While moving and lifting the cake media around the internal clearances within the filter dryer, agitation mixing efficiency is achieved through differential velocities. Click here for further info or download our ANFD literature here.

ANFD Design Features

  • S2 ANFD Detachable Bottom 1S2 ANFD Monobloc design 1cGMP equipment design and construction
  • Single (Monoblock) or Double (Detachable base) model options
  • Highly efficient drying with integrated heating system
  • Minimum gap design allowing reflux cleaning to achieve typically 2.5ppm to non-detectable
  • Minimum solvent volumes beneath filter mesh for process optimisation
  • Direct heel recovery system to improve productivity
  • Sealed single piece agitators prevents leakage of heat transfer fluid into the process media
  • Total interchangeability between cloth and mesh filtration media
  • Optional detachable portable filter unit supplied on caster wheels (far right photo)
  • High strength, precision machined inter-locking castellations on ANFD base and portable filter unit.
  • FEP Elastomer sealing
  • Detachable bottom from shell can be aligned by ‘ Super Clamp’ or Bayonet Type instead of conventional C clamp arrangement (see supply options)
  • No manual handling between filtration and drying operations
  • Thorough cake washing as desired.
  • Product purity can be maintained.
  • Complete Automation with PLC based control is possible (see options).
  • The machine can be designed covering small to large filtration areas
  • Solvent recovery is achievable.