S2 rotary vacuum paddle dryer 1S2 Engineering design, manufacture, install and commission all types of process dryer's including Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryers (RVPD's). Our RVPD's are horizontally orientated and are either floor or skid mounted, available up to 10,000 litre capacity.

The Dryer has a cylindrical jacketed vessel with a central shaft and innovative agitator paddle/blades. The s2 RVPD agitator blades are designed that they sweep the entire internal surface and simultaneously turn the material so that all the product media comes into contact with the heated inner surface.

The RVPD shaft is supported on both ends of the dryer by high performance bearings and driven by means of a electric motor and gearbox. Cooling/heating is provided through the jacket so that the sealed heat transfer media can not come into contact with the process media. Cooling heat transfer fluids include brine or cold water where as heating heat transfer fluids include steam, hot water or heat transfer oil. Within the S2 Group we make a range of complementary Thermal Control units if there is no plant heat source available and a limpet coil is provided instead of jacket if the heating media is fluid.

RVPD Design Features

The S2 RVPD's are innovatively designed to minimise production costs and maximise product efficiency and effectiveness. Some of the design featurs include;

  • S2 rotary vacuum paddle dryer lrModular Design with cGMP Stainless Steel construction
  • 500-10,000 Litres Capacity
  • Innovative paddle/blade technology with high-efficiency operation
  • Designed for safe operation with double wall vessel construction
  • Integral dust / powder catcher
  • Vacuum pump, Condenser and Receiver is optional depending on availability of such on site.
  • Vacuum tight discharge valve
  • Internal filter
  • Loading wet cake / slurry is through a cover with a quick opening device