S2 stainless steel reactorsS2 manufacture a range of Stainess Steel and Exotic Alloy Reactors designs in a variety of materials such as 304 S/S, 316 S/S, and Hastelloy C276. We also offer high chemical resistant hybrid Reactors, whereby the base material has its wetted parts coated for improved chemical protection. Examples of these variants include enamel lined stainless steel reactors and StanCoat (see below).

Our 'AE' range of Reactors has a two-part construction, manufactured to exacting standards and international specifications.

Dimensionally designed to DIN 28136 our modular product range permits a number of optional variations to be added to the standard configuration, including an in-line motor or gearbox driven shaft, to suit your mixing requirements. Please see our design and test data below.

Stainless Steel AE-Reactors

S2 reactor AES2 ss reactorsOur Stainless Steel AE Reactors are manufactured and finished to the highest standards.

S2 designs are available to suit standard international specifications such as DIN conforming, where required, to the European Pressure Directive (PED), CE marking and ATEX.

However, S2 is also specifically strong at manufacturing bespoke stainless steel and exotic alloy Reactors to suit customer specifications and/or application requirements. This may include bespoke vessel heating jackets, for example, as shown.