S2 batch receivers 1S2 Engineering (S2) manufacture Receivers to international specifications including ASME and DIN28136. Our range of receivers are typically used for safe storage of solvents, chemicals and various other liquids and can be supplied with heating/cooling jackets where required.

S2 stainless steel and exotic alloy receivers are generally manufactured identically to our AE/CE Reactors but without the drive and agitator shaft and paddle assembly.

Our range of Receivers are manufactured with a capacity from 63 to 1,000 litres as an AE-type design and from 1,600 to 30,000 capacity as a CE-type design, typically designed in accordance with the following industry standard vessel length/diameter ratios of between 1.3 - 1.5 range.

Receiver Design Features

s2 receiver 3S2 manufacture Stainless Steel and Exotic Alloy Receivers with the following design features;

  • cGMP equipment design and construction
  • Robust, safe construction
  • Sealed single piece optional heating jacket
  • Manufactured in accordance with international specifications
  • Non-clogging design. Easy to clean
  • Both Horizontal and Vertical designs available

Our modular design permits additional design features to be supplied to suit the application/client requirements (see options tab).